Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas !a

Well, today is Christmas day, 2009.  We visited with family last night and this morning and were home by 2:30.  The dogs got extra treats this morning and lots of special time with mom since I was home today.  They can't have new stuffed toys because they destroy them and they have plenty of nylabones to chew.  Everyone is doing good, other than trying to get Pauline's cough and congestive heart failure under control with the right combination of medicines.  Pugslee is his usual grouchy self.  As soon as Roquefort is done with his heartworm treatment, he will be coming back as my 3rd foster from OPR.  Pauline and Pugslee are both OPR fosters.  My personal dogs and cats are roaming around, trying to see what they can get into, especially the cats !  Hopefully we will be settling down for the night soon.

Below is a photo of Pauline

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